Hair Services

Our experts provide an array of hair system service.

 Hair System Cut-In

Professional and customize for your hairstyle.

Hair System Maintenance Repairs

We offer a range of services professional hairpiece repair, reconditioning, and hair-adding services — even if you didn’t get your hair from us!** 

Our in-house staff of licensed hair techs performs basic work, while the more complex repairs is sent off-site.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

 youthful hair is at your fingertips.Start maintaining your profile by taking care of your image. We offer a number of  Men's hair replacement systems hair additions have the ability to simulate a truly natural appearance while offering the client a significant increase in overall hair density.

Menu / Price List

Just Service

one hour and a half cut and installation of hair system

Just Service - 1 hour @ $100

Hair System is  shampooed & conditioned, clients scalp treated. hair is cut and styled.

Cut and Bond System - $ 150+

New System Cut Bond Style

1  1/2 hours @ $150.00

Just A Mini - $ 68

35 Mins includes non removal of system

shampoo clients hair trim, clean up scalp front, condition.


Other Company Hair system cut

Other company

Other Company hair System - $190 +

We will cut other Company hair system

Hair Service plans Available

Full Custom Design and Template

Premium Quality Hair System - $395.00+

Starter package  quality hair system

$395 + service cut and style.


Hair Extensions

Looking for that bit more volume to boost your current look or even seriously thicker and longer hair?


Our Transformation Connections Hair Extensions are designed to enhance your natural hair by adding volume, high or low lights, and length. In addition, they provide texture and highlights without the use of chemicals.


The Transformation Connections are safe and do not damage the natural hair! They are reusable and can easily be worn for up to 12 weeks. Move up services can be done four weeks after the initial installation. This useful feature is also handy if you only want to keep the perimeters tidy.


Fantasy colors! What a way to switch up your hair without the use of bleach or any other chemicals! Why dye, when you can have the features and benefits of using PerfecTress extensions? They are re-usable for up to three times.

Woman With Blond Hair  Woman With Long Hair